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Lees gedigte deur Hans du Plessis

Album 1, 2

Hans in gr 1 (1951)

Hans in gr 1 (1951)

Universiteit 1966

Universiteitsjare 1966

Hans en Magdaleen in 1966

Hans en Magdaleen in 1966

Graad gekry. 1975

Laaste graad gekry. 1975

Hans op sy troudag op 5 Oktober 1968

Hans op sy troudag op 5 Oktober 1968

Saam met die vier seuns

Saam met die vier seuns

Saam met Magdaleen, byna 40 jaar later.
Saam met Magdaleen, byna 40 jaar later.


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Kopiereg © 2011 Hans du Plessis  (Privaatversameling)

Geen foto’s hier op Fotobeeld/versindaba.co.za mag sonder verlof van die digter gereproduseer of in enige vorm of deur enige elektroniese of meganiese middel weergegee word nie, hetsy deur fotokopieëring of enige ander stelsel vir inligtingsbewaring of verspreiding nie.


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3 Kommentare op “Hans du Plessis (1)”

  1. Susan Allison le Roux :

    Dankie tog ek het’meneer’ opgespoor.Stuur asb. epos adres vir uitnodiging na reunie van Evanderse Hoerskool 1968-1972,sal great wees om almal te sien 23 April 2011 het baie oud leerlinge opgespoor Skoolgroete of moet ek se toeka se groete

  2. eugene van wyk :

    Subject: A Little Light In Dark Corners!

    Attention: The Author With The Good Voice!

    Thursday 17 April 2014.

    Beste Professor Hans Du Plessis,

    Vanmiddag, Donderdag 17 April 2014, na een van jou kort stories op Rsg geluister – en geniet!

    (My komper praat slegs Amerikaanse en Britse Engels, dus laat ek hom maar verder klets!)

    I have been aware of your authorship for a rather prolonged period. However, this afternoon’s radio transmission was the final motivating straw to contact you!

    I am a blind person, aspiring author and keen observer of what’s going on around myself and the world in general.

    What I wish to learn from you, if you would please be so generous – is, firstly, do you know of a suitable Afrikaans Spel Checker – spel klikker?

    I am aware of the existence of such software, however, as I use a Braille notetaker, I am not sure whether it will work on it! Obviously, the software must be compatible with using the standard desktop computer.

    Similarly, too, hence my writing to you in British English, I have at hand, both a Spellchecker and voice and Braille reading facility via the Braille notetaker!

    There is, or has been, a development by a fellow, called Willem van Der Walt, at the Csiro, to get an Afrikaans pronunciation facility available.

    Are any of your publications available in EBook format?

    Again, thank you for your time, attention and, hopefully, help!


    Voorspoed Op Die Paaie.

    Eugene van Wyk. Mcsp Chartered Physiotherapist London England.

    Author of:
    My Precious Spine And I – A Self-Help Manual For You And Your Spine.

    Please note that the 2013 EBook updated edition, is available at:


    (If you would let me have your postal address, I will make sure that you get a Paper copy of the book).

    My telephone number is 041 5812062

  3. Hans du Plessis :

    Beste Eugene
    Dankie vir jou e-pos. Ek skryf ook maar in my gebroke Brits sodat jy die stemomsetting op jou rekenaar kan luister.
    I use Skryfgoed as Afrikaans spell checker. It is available at: http://www.nwu.ac.za/ctext Iam trying to find out whether this is also functional if one is using Braille.
    I can understand some of your frustration because I am also visually disabled, although I can still cope with Zoomtext by using the magnification. I only use the American version of a voice reading Afrikaans on my cell phone. and that is hard enough!
    I have sent my contact details via Amanda van der Merwe, and I would like to make further contact with you. Greetings. Hans