Andries Bezuidenhout. Ontmoet die Handsome Family

Die Handsome Family is oorspronklik van Chicago, maar woon op die oomblik in Albuquerque in New Mexiko. Hoe sou ʼn mens hul musiek beskryf? Miskien Gothic country. Danie Marais was so gaaf om my aan hulle musiek voor te stel. Die band se twee lede is Brett en Rennie Sparks.

Gaan luister hier na ʼn lewendige opname van “The Bottomless Hole”. Vir my klink dit soos kommentaar op hoe middel-Amerika die aarde in sak – Groot Vrot-styl. Maar dalk projekteer ek net.

(The Handsome Family)

My name, I don’t remember
Though I hail from Ohio
I had a wife and children
Good tires on my car
What took me from my home
And put me in the Earth
Was the mouth of a deep dark hole
I found behind my barn

We’d been filling it with garbage
As long as you could count
Kitchen scraps and dead cows
Tractors broken down
But never did I hear one thing hit the ground
And slowly I came to fear
That this was a bottomless hole

I went out behind the barn
And stared down in that hole
Late into the evening
My mind would not let go
So I got out my ropes and a rusty clawfoot tub
And I rigged myself a chariot
To ride down in that hole

My wife, she did help me
She fed me down the ropes
And then I sank away
From the surface of this world
When the last rope pulled tight
I had not reached the end
And in anger, I swung there
Down in that dark abyss

So I got out my knife
I told my wife goodbye
I cut loose from the ropes
And fell on down that hole
And still I’m there falling
Down in this evil pit
But until I hit the bottom
I won’t believe it’s bottomless

Besoek die Handsome Family se web hier.

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