Boerneef – vertaling in Engels

Boerneef – vertaal deur Tony Ullyatt



Six Songs for Yesteryear



The young green of an oak tree:

that is spring for me

add in a malachite sunbird

only then it is really spring

the profusion of the double green

is doubly glorious to the eye

it helps later for the sun’s burning

this green gladness for the eye



The rain pours at Koorsteenberg

the fig orchards and the karee trees drink

the rain greys at Koorsteenberg

the rain sieves down at Koorsteenberg

this year woolly sheep will plump up once more

and the buck wagon creak under the heavy load of wool



Listen to the partridges and the pheasants

singing partridgeandpheasant hosannas

first it was dry and the world grey

and dismal for pheasants and partridges

now it has rained

the veld is wet

the pheasants hoppityskip along my dear

all the partridges and pheasants

sing partridgeandpheasant hosannas now



My heart blossoms white

for the chestnut-haired girl

I pick heather of the reddest red

for this chestnut-haired girl

Bellabint my young girl

it is heart-blossom white

it is heather red

for you my chestnut-haired girl



Nothing hangs as red as vineyard leaves

at Hex River

nothing stands so yellow as the autumn poplars

along the Dwars River at Ceres

stand stock still hold your breath

and look long and reverently

as a person should look at such an autumn

let it burn in you for some later time

the warm yellow and red for times gone by



You are all alone

you live alone

and play your squeezebox on a Saturday night

some notes here

some notes there

a bit of pleasure on a moonlit night

no one knows a potion for loneliness later

you become quieter, quieter still

and later dead still


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