Louis Esterhuizen. Oudste Europese publikasie te koop aangebied

Die Britse Biblioteek is tans besig met ‘n ambisieuse projek om geld in te samel vir die aankoop van The Stonyhurst Gospel, die oudste boek in Europa. Hierdie publikasie, wat ook bekend staan as die St Cuthbert Gospel, dateer uit 698 en beslaan die Evangelie van Johannes.

Volgens die persverklaring op The British Library se webblad, was dié boek saam met St Cuthbert in die Durham Katedraal begrawe waar dit in 1104 in sy kis gevind is. Die totale bedrag wat vir dié aankoop benodig word, is 2,75 miljoen pond (4,4 miljoen euro).

Met die aankondiging het Dame Lynne Brindley, bestuurshoof van die Britse Biblioteek hul voorneme soos volg gemotiveer: “The St Cuthbert Gospel is an almost miraculous survival from the Anglo-Saxon period, a beautifully preserved window into a rich, sophisticated culture that flourished some four centuries before the Norman Conquest. I am delighted to announce publicly this fundraising campaign – the largest the Library has ever embarked upon for a heritage item – and wish to express the Library’s profound gratitude to the funders who have already offered their generous support. In particular, the National Heritage Memorial Fund grant, amounting to half of the purchase price, helps us get our fundraising campaign off to the best possible start.”

Cuthbert Gospel

The Cuthbert Gospel

Hoogeerwaarde Michael Sadgrove, Deken van Durham, word soos volg aangehaal: “This wonderful book links us directly to Saxon Christianity of the north of England, and to the north’s best-loved saint, Cuthbert himself. Durham Cathedral owes its very existence to him, and we prize not only his memory, but also the treasures associated with him here at the Cathedral such as his pectoral cross and portable altar. So I wholeheartedly support the campaign to save this book for the nation, for it is a vital part of our cultural and spiritual heritage. Like the Lindisfarne Gospel Book, the Cuthbert Gospel speaks powerfully about Northumbria’s golden age, whose spiritual vision, intellectual energy and artistic achievement continue to inspire us today. We are in the British Library’s debt for having taken this initiative. We must make sure it succeeds.”

Vir jou leesplesier volg ‘n toepaslike vers deur Emily Dickinson hieronder.


The Bible is an antique Volume


The Bible is an antique Volume-
Written by faded men
At the suggestion of Holy Spectres-
Eden-the ancient Homestead-
Satan-the Brigadier-
Judas-the Great Defaulter-
David-the Troubador-
Sin-a distinguished Precipice
Others must resist-
Boys that “believe” are very lonesome-
Other Boys are “lost”-
Had but the Tale a warbling Teller-
All the Boys would come-
Orpheus’ Sermon captivated-
It did not condemn-

© Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)




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