Chen Tzu-Ang. Vertaling in Afrikaans



Chen Tzu-Ang (656-698). Vertaling van Engels in Afrikaans. Vert. deur Waldemar Gouws


Die ou volke


So kyk ek in die voordat

en sien nie die ou volke nie.

Kyk ek in die nadat

sien ek nie die toekomende eeue nie.

Slegs hemel en aarde gaan vir ewig duur:

allenig is my weeklag, en die trane loop.




The Ancients

Chen Tzu-Ang


I look before, and do not see the ancients.

Looking after I do not see the coming ages.

Only Heaven and Earth will last for ever:

Alone I lament, and my tears fall down.


Uit: Payne, Robert (ed.) 1949. The White Pony: an anthology of Chinese poetry from the earliest times to the present day newly translated. London: Theodore Brun Limited (p.149).



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