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Spier Dansende Digtersfees. Efe Paul Azino

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


Nog ‘n digter wat aan die Spier Dansende Digtersfees gaan deelneem op 7 Mei 2016, is die Nigeriese digter Efe Paul Azino. Efe, wat in Lagos gebore is, is primêr bekend as odiumdigter en as sulks is hy ‘n gereelde – en gewaardeerde – deelnemer aan internasionale poësiefeeste.

Op Badilisha Poetry se webtuiste word Efe se digkuns soos volg beskryf: “Reflecting the sufferings evident in numerous African societies and the hope that keeps them going, Efe Paul’s poems resonate with the high and the low, cutting across social and religious boundaries. His poems are centered on socio-economic and political themes and are enhanced by a strong voice, keeping his audiences entranced for the full length of his performances … The voice of a generation, a seeker and speaker of truth, an entertaining poet and performer, Efe Paul leads a generation of poets in successfully lifting poetry off the printed page, out of the shadows of academia and making it accessible to the people.”

By wyse van bekendstelling volg een van Efe Paul Azino se gedigte.



In the beginning it was
in the beginning of the world
and in the beginning of my world
have always been there
i fell in love with them as a little boy
that little skinny kid
the other boys thought strange cos he easily got bored
when they played with toys
i found joy rather in
i pondered, tasted, wrestled, cherished
truly words have been faithful to me
when i found her and desperately needed to express my love
came to the rescue
i read them them when i fear
i speak them in despair
i take them with me everywhere
and so when i urged to speak a poem, i couldn’t help but share
the power, the depth, the length of ’em
armies have mustered on the strength of ’em
wielded by dictators have made bombs drop
guns pop
and forced the ground to swallow innocent blood
spoken by saints and diplomats have caused warring parties to sheath their swords
my long lost love
my new found ‘i can never do without you’
Words keep my bills paid so to words i’ll always be true
the power, the depth, the length of ’em
how often we despise the strength of ’em
by faith we understand that the worlds
were framed by
so if words create, and indeed they do
then take them with you and create a better union between your spouse and you
use them rightly on your kids
and watch them sprout like well watered seeds
Let them
convey respect to everyone you meet
Let them
serve as a conduit
to pass encouragement to the poor and the needy
Let them
inspire insurrection against political highway men the corrupt and the greedy
are colorless, without gender or race
so take them with you
and make the world a better place
the power, the depth, the length of ’em
this poem is an ode to the strength of ’em

© Efe Paul Azino