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Louis Esterhuizen. Irannese digter steeds in aanhouding

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011


Tans gons die kuberruim omtrent met berigte oor Faranak Farid (foto), die Irannese digter, joernalis en aktivis, wat verlede maand in Tabriz in hegtenis geneem is tydens ‘n vreedsame protesoptog wat met ekologiese aangeleenthede en vroueregte te make gehad het. Volgens die berig op PEN (USA) se webblad, die volgende: “She was severely beaten during her arrest and also ill-treated during the lengthy interrogation sessions which followed at the Tabriz police detention center in the initial days of her detention. Requests for medical treatment have been denied and concerns for her welfare are mounting. PEN International demands Faranak Farid’s immediate and unconditional release in accordance with Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a signatory. It also insists that she is given all necessary medical treatment as a matter of urgency.”

Die klagtes teen haar behels glo onder andere “insulting the Supreme Leader,” “propaganda against the system,” en  “acting against national security.” Derhalwe is PEN International tans besig met die werf van handtekeninge ten gunste van ‘n petisie wat die volgende as oogmerk het:

  • Expressing serious concern that journalist, poet and activist Faranak Farid appears to be detained solely for the legitimate exercise of her right to free expression, and calling for her immediate and unconditional release;
  • Urging the Iranian authorities to conduct an immediate independent investigation into her reported assault and other ill-treatment, and to bring to justice any officials found responsible;
  • Expressing mounting fears for her health, and urging that she is given immediate access to an independent doctor and all necessary medical care, as well as full access to her family and independent legal representation.


Ten slotte, by wyse van illustrasie, die volgende aanhaling uit een van Farid se essays wat deur die regering as subversief gereken word:  “Is ethnicity important in women’s struggle for their rights, at all? Studying English in middle school, this question seemed an exciting one. It made me imagine myself abroad and answer it proudly. But, this innocent imagination was shattered. Yes, I grew up as a woman facing the reality of much discrimination. Discriminations that kill you & re-kill you, shape you & reshape you, frame you & reframe you to the point that you don’t know who you are. Being a woman from the Middle East simply signifies some facts of gender inequality. Hearing the name of Iran may remind one, of significant roles of brave women in struggle to improve the society and elevate women’s status in the public and private lives. You might have heard of the growing movement of women in such a society with anti-women or male-dominated attitudes, traditions, written-unwritten rules & rights. But this is not the whole story! The name of a country may indicate some things explicitly, while many other things remain uncovered or implicit.”

Nog berigte kan hier en hier gelees word.