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Andries Bezuidenhout. Nuwe maniere om te publiseer

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Insiggewende blog deur Billy Mills op die Guardian se boekeblad, oor hoe die besigheid van gedigte publiseer besig is om te verander. Kort aanhaling daaruit:

“So, where some see poetry as a dying art, I see it as an early and enthusiastic adopter of new technologies, partly because it has to be. Why? Well, if selling what you’re making isn’t going to make anyone rich, but you want to share it with those people who are interested, then you have to work out the cheapest way to do so. And right now it looks like that way is a mix of online, performance and print, with each supporting the other in a new model of publishing, one in which the printed collection is no longer the only accepted mode of publishing but remains a key part of the package. And given the apparent reluctance of most bookshops to stock verse, they’ll be sold mainly online and at events. It may not be big business, but that’s not what it’s setting out to be.”

Lees gerus ook die kommentaar wat op die blog volg.