Breyten Breytenbach. Vertaling in Engels.


Breyten Breytenbach. Vertaling uit Afrikaans in Engels. Vert. deur Ampie Coetzee





a tiny sheaf of inheritance,

farmyard- talk when like the song,

of  the swan the sun

surrenders in the blood-stained west

before the pale sickle moon,

and you know

the wanderer was at last

however godless

with best foot forward

and armed with words and sword


rhyming with the farm’s bleakness

just one more to pass on

at night time’s

cricket silence




making poems


making poems comes out of the tumbling thoughts

op the nightscape where dreams linger


it’s when you lie fully furrowed

in the complicated processes of deep sleep


that the deeper body arises for some wild dancing

through the wordscapes of moon and illusion


may the heart still wink and wobble a little longer

in god’s name do not wake me yet!


Uit: die windvanger, pp 109 en 114.  Human & Rousseau, 2007.



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