Louis Esterhuizen. Om jou eie stert ten hemele te prys


Hoe gemaak wanneer jy die wenner is van die 2012 Fence Modern Poetry Series en jou boek verskyn en niemand steur hulle hoegenaamd aan dié grootse gebeurtenis nie? Wel, jy begin om jou boek op alle moontlike forums aan te prys; sommer onder jou eie naam, bygesê. En dit is presies die veldtog wat die Amerikaanse digter Donald Dunbar die afgelope week ter selfpromosie van stapel gestuur het.

Maar eers ietsie oor sy pryswennerbundel, Eyelid Licked, wat in November verlede jaar by Fence Books verskyn het. Volgens die uitgewersnota die volgende: “Eyelid Lick is a pop treatise on sustainable communication, on the vital language that can survive outside our dreamy consciousnesses. These long, loose, sometimes runny poems bear out psychedelic experience; they open like the doors of perception and give onto a vista of communion-through-language. There are speakers and speeches; there is the sensation of the lick, and the sensation of being licked, and if both agents know each other well enough both sides of the lick can be felt by both.”

Huh? En dan bevind die man hom ook nog in dié uitsonderlike beroep van dosent aan Oregon se Culinary Institute waar hy poësiewaardering aan toekomstige sjefs doseer …

Nietemin, hieronder volg twee kommentare ter selfpromosie wat deur hom geplaas is; plus die gebruiklike gedig as voorbeeld van Donald Dunbar se digkuns.

Donald Dunbar

Op Alibris se webblad: “I went into massive debt for Eyelid Lick and I couldn’t smile bigger. I keep buying copies of Eyelid Lick and messing them up and buying more copies and messing them up and buying other books and writing “EYELID LICK” on them and messing them up. In a sense, this makes me a really high-level capitalist, and in another sense it makes me, you know, kind of a book pervert […] I’d recommend this item to a friend, unless I knew that my so-called friend would use it against me. I’d recommend this item to many world leaders, but especially leaders-for-life. I’d recommend this item to gardeners, cooks, and scullery maids. I would not recommend this item to someone doing a Leaving Las Vegas-kinda suicide mission, as it might fall in love with them, and make them second-guess their decision …”

Eyelid Licked

Maar ‘n meer treffende een kan op Powell’s Booksite gevind word: “I like this book a lot, but sometimes it wakes me up – I’m not sure it intends to, but I can hear its breathing (maybe its breathing changes? maybe it’s just a natural thing?) and my unconscious brain knows that maybe that’s not how breathing should sound, or that there’s an intent in the breath. I’m never scared waking up like this, at least moreso than I’m scared waking up every morning–like, which-world-is-this kind of scared, -and-will-it-eat-me–and I don’t think this book wants to eat me, although it is very good and might be capable of getting through one of my legs before I could stop it. Perhaps it’s better not to fall asleep with it on your throat. I recommend this book for people who are looking for a little more from their books. Sure, you could read some other book and possibly have a nice time, like British people do on sunny days, but if you want the whole religious experience, I’m not sure you can do better. Also, we all want love. You will find some here.”

Nou ja, toe. Hieronder volg ‘n gedig deur Dunbar wat saam met nog voorbeelde op die webblad KillAuthor gelees kan word.


[people think you’re famous]

people think you’re famous, the new art is gibberish and calling to its king [   ] i am in a molecule way [   ] but first let’s eat or [   ] masturbating myself through [   ] wires in the age of gibberish. [   ] people think you’re famous, first [   ] let’s eat, and then we shall [   ] make love, getting fucked [   ] by at least a [   ] hundred men, getting [   ] milked by a thai [   ] shitting on a plate. i’ve got [   ] few other financial [   ] responsibilities but first [   ] let’s eat, and then [   ] we shall make love. people [   ] think you’re more [   ] beautiful than you are [   ] for instance, let’s fill my heart with air and breathe forever.

(c) Donald Dunbar


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6 Kommentare op “Louis Esterhuizen. Om jou eie stert ten hemele te prys”

  1. Leon Retief :

    Ek dink hierdie ou rook sy sokkies…

  2. Thanks for the write-up! There’s another review posted at


    and more on the way. But I should mention: that’s not a picture of me. Here’s me:


    Also, Leon: Google translate suggests you think I am “smoking [my] socks”. I am. I for sure am doing that.


  3. Sadly, the URLs did not post.

    Overstock dot com has another review, and a picture of me can be found at Fence’s website.

  4. Louis Esterhuizen :

    Thank you for your response, Donald. And my apologies for using the wrong photo; I have corrected it. Nevertheless, what you are doing is rather unique within our own poetry (being Afrikaans). Not so much in the matter of promotion (in that we have our own rolemodels), but in the kind of poetry that you write.
    Hence, my request – Might you by any chance be interested in a short interview via email? No more than five questions, I promise …

  5. Louis, I’d be glad to–thanks for asking! My email is

    normalghost () gmail com

  6. Leon Retief :

    Heheheheh…. I knew that! 🙂